Vichean Tow

Design Director


Pink Blue Black & Orange

Mr. Vichean Tow is one of the most renowned graphic designer in Thailand. After his graduation from Faculty of Education Chulalongkorn University major in Art Education, he started his career of graphic designer at “Samnoh”, which was a very famous and highly regarded as one of top graphic design company at that era. Later on in 1991, he co-founded a company named “Propaganda Graphic Design”, about a year later, the company expanded its business into designing its own product under the same name of the company. The “Propaganda” brand suddenly became a sensational hit, but in 1996 Propaganda was forced to shut down its graphic design section due to economic crisis.


Mr.Vichean Tow has co-founded his current company “Pink Blue Black & Orange”, the company which he himself & his partner Mr.Siam Attariya, are now managing. The company has numerous corporate clients which are leaders in many businesses.


Mr.Vichean’s works have received many awards since his earlier day in Samnoh until now, such as Art Director Club (U.S.A), CA Communication Arts (U.S.A.), The Type Directors Club (U.S.A.), Asia Advertising Award (Hong Kong).