The Couple

Talent 1 is the subsidiary of Major Cineplex Group, the leading lifestyle entertainment company and the largest operator of movie theaters in Thailand. Established under two philosophies “Every life has a story to tell” and “Success can be achieved with good storytelling that is relevant to the public”, Talent 1 positions themselves as a movie studio that focuses on making horror and romantic feature films. They asked us to design a film poster for their second feature film called “The Couple”.


The Couple is a horror film with spine-tingling suspense. It is a story of a newlywed bride who possessed by the evil spirit of her sister-in-law. We responded to the brief in a slightly different angle from the usual horror movie poster by taking on romantic colour scheme photography. The facial expression of the protagonists conveys the terrifying and mysteriousness to hint the story where no one knows who the killer is. The edge of each portrait is blurred and focused only on the protagonist's eye expression. The typography help visualising the intense and yet fragile love of a couple.

Project : Movie Poster

Client : Talent 1

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Siam Attariya

Graphic Designer : Siam Attariya