The Blossom Across ASEAN

CIMB Thai is a member of CIMB Group, a leading ASEAN universal bank based in Malaysia and one of the largest investment banks in Asia. We designed a 2016 calendar for CIMB Thai which encompassed their core values and principles in delivering cross border financial solutions to help their customers grow, flourish and prosper in the ASEAN region.


To succeed in banking and financial business, it needs tremendous care and attention to detail, similar to the foundation of planting. The practice of cultivating plants involves the best understanding in different types of plants, the land and its kind of soil, how to improve and amend your soil to branch out and yield fruitful success. We paired up these two stories of cultivation and came up with a visually pleasing calendar design. The calendar features hand-painted illustrations of Thai sacred plants in each month representing the Bank customers that beautifully flourish in different land, whereas the surface pattern and colour of the vase is inspired by traditional local arts used in everyday objects such as the pattern of ceramic floor tiles in Melaka or Vietnamese porcelain cup. The illustration introduces the unique features of each ASEAN country, national costume, arts, crafts and landmarks to imply that CIMB Thai know ASEAN best.

Project : Calendar 2016

Client : CIMB Thai

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Vichean Tow

Graphic Designer : Warut Wongsnanwut

Illustrator : Manisa Lekprayoon