Thai Essence

Established since 1997, Phatra Securities Public Company Limited is one of the leading securities companies in Thailand with respect to the investment banking business and the provision of brokerage services to institutional clients. Phatra Securities offers a broad range of financial and investment banking services with over 40 years of experience to optimize its customers’ future as well as the development of the country’s economy and financial market. We helped them reflect their unique identity on their corporate premium gift under the concept of “Thai Essence”.


Being the first local house to name the best domestic investment bank in Thailand, their continued success shows the art of mastering their business with creativity and expertise. Associating the uniqueness of Phatra Securities’ operation with Thai traditional floral arrangement, an art form that combines both imagination and skilled work., we have designed a premium gift for the firm that takes inspiration from “Uba”, a flower tassel as part of Thai flower garland. We projected different pattern designs of Uba, hanging harmoniously to show its beauty and delicacy, onto the white porcelain surface by simplifying the organic detail into graphic form. The end result is a gift beyond giving as it conveys the true essence of Thai identity with function and unique design.

Project : Premium

Client : Phatra

Design : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Vichean Tow

Graphic Designer : Warut Wongsnanwut