SCB Sustainable Banking

Under the vision to serve the nation as “The Most Admired Bank,” Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has been taking all of its stakeholders into accounts, aiming to make SCB a truly sustainable bank. This project developed from our previous project designed for SCB “Sustainable Report 2017,” which was a part of the Bangkok Sustainable Banking Forum 2018, held at the Bank of Thailand (BOT).

The exhibition showcased SCB’s sustainable strategies and business approaches. The exhibition itself was designed to have movements throughout, making it easy for audiences to interact with the exhibition. With the aspects that comprehend all of its stakeholders in the form of an “Ecosystem,” the exhibition also showed that SCB financial products and services were simultaneously used throughout cities, schools, malls, and countrysides; including nature and environment. The tablets were installed at the exhibition available to all exhibition goers, who are interested in knowing more about sustainability in various aspects through a digital platform, depending on their interests and lifestyles. Apart from a tablet, a coin deposit machine was also installed at the exhibition. Even though the exhibition was held for only one day, we still take into account the most effective ways to use resources and materials. Thus, we designed the exhibition so that it could be knocked down once this exhibition was over, and can be further used for other occasions, following SCB sustainable strategies and business approaches.


Project : Sustainable Banking

Client : Siam Commercial Bank

Design : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Siam Attariya

Graphic Designer / Exhibition Design : Chonlathit Sriponwong

Interactive : Chonlathit Sriponwong / Teerapat Lowsuwannawong

Construction : Parallel P