Oishi Group is one of the top food and beverage companies in Thailand with the highest rank in the pole position for Japanese food and green tea drinks. We supported Oishi Group in their enduring achievement to design an Annual Report 2015 based on the theme “Sukoi!”.


Sukoi! is a Japanese expression, generally meaning ‘great’, amazing’ or ‘to a great extent’, which resembles the core value of Oishi Group in remaining relentlessly meticulous about quality. Our goal was to reflect how Oishi Group embraced the Japanese DNA in their way of working, from sourcing prime ingredients, cooking and seasoning to production, to yield an exquisite flavor and feel sukoi in every taste. Associating illustrations with photographs, we placed an emphasis on visual narrative of the most popular Oishi Group products, Japanese cuisine and green tea, and their finest sources. The white space plays a vital role to distill calmness, simplicity with zen principle in mind, echoing the delicate and artful touch of Oishi delicacies. The report is illustrated with images from nature throughout the book which enhances the flow of information with moments of peace.

Project : Annual Report 2016

Client : Oishi

Design : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Vichean Tow

Graphic Designer : Manisa Lekprayoon

Illustrator : Suthipa Kamyam