Small Brings Greatness II

The Thai Credit Retail Bank provides commercial banking products and services focusing on Small Business and Micro segments in Thailand. Under the committed vision, to be the best Small Bank, Thai Credit Retail Bank has assured their growth prospect quickly, firmly and steadily with friendly, flexible and sincere service. We were asked to design an Annul Report 2017 that showcased the Bank’s success and celebrated their uniqueness.


Our strategy was to utilize the Bank’s pride of small identity as foundation of the great units as they serve small business customers who are the crucial driving force of Thailand economy. Having a unique business model also allows them to break the traditional banking limitation with quicker and more flexible respond to all demands. A series of illustration, in respond to the concept of “small bring greatness”, we use the banknote origami of virious small creatures to convey the message of innovation, uniqueness and success.

Project : Annual Report 2017

Client : Thai Credit Retail Bank Public Company Limited

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Vichean Tow

Graphic Designer / Illustrator : Thanatcha Sasunthorn / Surasak Buddhanuwat