Inspiring Change

Under the influence of the rapid change of technology and lifestyle nowadays, products and services of the retail bank have to be continuously developed and offer total solutions to cover every aspect of life. Bangkok Bank is more than just a financial institution as they empower customers with personalized banking support in both regional and international area. Every aspect of our lives today has been put on a mobile phone.


Bangkok Bank's annual report and CSR report capture our lifestyle evolution which is now embedded in an online world. We employed Facebook news feed and Instagram feed combined with illustrations and photographs to suggest customers’ lifestyles in different dimensions, consumer banking, business banking, and international banking.

Project : Annual & CSR Report 2017

Client : Bangkok Bank

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Siam Attariya

Graphic Designer : Tassayawan Chamkrajang

Illustrator : Tassayawan Chamkrajang / Romkorn Malee