Humour Business Exhibition

The exhibition “Humour Business” is a collaboration between Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) and Bunluesan (Kaihuaror), the local publisher’s most popular gag comic book, to exhibit the creative power of humour that moves people through time. Highlighting the use of comicality as an important thinking tool, the exhibition explores various possibilities to capture people’s hearts with humour as well as make money from laughter.


When TCDC approached us to design the whole exhibition dedicated to humour, we knew that was a real challenge. We, therefore, worked on every aspect of humour with an attempt to break all viewer’s expectations and play around with an unforeseen. The overall strategy was to create a serious business tone of voice and then twisted it. Humour was allowed to work in time and place where the audience was least expected.


We designed a series of communication material with the key message ‘Humour is not nonsense’, abducted the composition of a world-renowned business magazine cover incorporated with playful portrait. Drawing inspiration from the big industrial corporation, we resembled the factory atmosphere using graphic elements and realistic simulation spiced up with physical acts include sound, wind, and vibration. We also put various secret facilities between rooms to surprise the audience. More laughter could be found at the end of the show where everyone can customize their version of Humour Business poster with a photo booth and share it on social media.


This exhibition has been one of the most enlightening projects as we used many cross-platform technologies from analog to digital along the process. The project was awarded DEmark (Design Excellence from Thailand) and G-Mark (Japan) in 2017.

Project : Humour Business Exhibition

Client : Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) X Kai Hua Ror

Design : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Siam Attariya

Exhibition Design : Paputh Nimchuar, Nipitpol Phurichboonsub

Graphic Designer : Teerapat Lowsuwannawong

Construction : Parallel P X T.Progress

Interactive (Elevator) : Duck Unit

Interactive (Photo Booth) : Craftsmanship

Photographer (Key Visual) : Nok Pipattungkul