Every Mouthful is Meaningful for Sustainable Life

“Every mouthful is meaningful” (Took Khum Mee Kwam Mai) is CPF’s slogan which truly reflects their brand value toward food products in terms of quality, attention, nutrition, and taste. The word “Khum” in Thai means an amount of food that you put in your mouth at one time which also means “Word” in English.


So we decided to tell the story of CPF’s product value and meaning in different languages from the countries that have access to CPF products. A warm and lively illustration, used in collaboration with infographics was at the heart of the report to generate comprehensible and pleasant reading experience.

Project : Sustainability Report 2017

Client : Charoen Pokphand Foods

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Siam Attariya

Graphic Designer : Teerapat Lowsuwannawong

Illustrator : Teerapat Lowsuwannawong / Parinya Damsuwan / Nitta Chinalai / Pai Praditniyakul