Established in 1879 in San Francisco, Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy company and active in more than 180 countries, including Thailand. They are the top natural gas and crude oil producer in Thailand, supplying about 35 percent of the country’s natural gas demand. Chevron’s success is driven by its people and commitment to responsible and excellent operation applying innovative technologies. To celebrate their remarkable 50-year operation of Chevron Thailand, they approached us with a book design project.


We were responsible for the entire concept of the photo book, including the title. We named the book “AIM” as it bears positive and meaningful expression in both Thai and English translation. We edited the photo selection and organized it into one story narrated parallelly between the lives of Chevron people and people from the Thai local community. The story of Chevron’s energy, their people and social contribution are unveiled through high-spirited color and black-and-white imagery throughout the whole book. To develop the energy that improves lives and powers the world forward, the photo shows how Chevron deploys advanced technology in an environmentally responsible manner. The book also features an in-depth look at Chevron’s vision in people investing to strengthen capability in the petroleum industry as well as Chevron’s community programs in Thailand focused on education, economic development, health, and the environment.

Project : Book

Client : Chevron

Design Firm : Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director : Vichean Tow

Graphic Designer : Vichean Tow / Sangduan Supinta / Patiyya Phienprutti

Photographer : Chamni Thipmanee / Anuchai Sricharoonputhong