47th National Book Fair & 17th Bangkok International Book Fair

The National Book Fair, an event that collects and combines a variety of books from various publishing houses aiming to meet the needs of a diverse target group of readers. To catch the attention of the aforementioned diverse target groups —in both age and taste, we created a system that brings out 22 different styles of illustration; representing numbers of bestselling books at the National Book Fair. Using the unique characteristics of trucks’ bumper stickers —humorous yet stylish— to communicate in a friendly and fun way. It also allows visitors to discover hidden meanings and messages within each illustration, hoping to illustrate the key concept of this event “Love Readers,” and to interpret that “no matter who you are or what you read, we just wanted to let you know that WE LOVE YOU!”.

Project : 47th National Book Fair & 17th Bangkok International Book Fair 2019

Client : PUBAT

Design Firm: Pink Blue Black & Orange

Design Director: Siam Attariya

Designer : Warut Wongsnanwut / Surapat Patt / Siam Attariya / Teerapat Lowsuwannawong / Paputh Nimchuar

Illustrator : Surapat Patt / Teerapat Lowsuwannawong / Siam Attariya / Thanatcha  Sasunthorn / Chonlathit Sriponwong / Sangduan Supinta / Warut Wongsnanwut / Sasivimol Khumtbant

Motion Graphic : Arpapun Plungsirisoontorn